Company profile

Ningbo Donghai Group locates in the booming economic belt of Yangtze River delta in East China which is near the airport, station and Beilun Port and it has convenient transportation around China and the world. 

 ——Donghai Group grows up with the economics of China and it explores and innovates. The quality philosophy that quality is life and the managing phisophy that the company shall make the customers satisfied are the traditions of the company and providing best product and service which gather the source and experience of the company and creating the loyalty to the customers are the consistent aim of the company.

The company culture of Donghai which takes the aim as the lead has provided solution on energy measurement of urban water, electricity, gas, heat, auto recording, storage, processing, control, settlement and charging on professional field….It makes the world limited resource a reasonable use and makes the everlasting good in the world.

The company has diversified team with unlimited creativities in which the employees have progressing potential and innovative talents. The company has proved products and services with high quality, low cost and difference in all directions to increase the global market share and so as to achieve the basic goal of making Donghai a first-class global company.

The Group has invested and held 10 specialized manufacturing plants of water meter, electric energy meter, gas meter, heat meter, pure water meter, time meter, programmable valve, IC card intelligent instruments, integrated intelligent resource management system and so on, and it also has established South America Peru Donghai DH meter manufacturing base, Hong Kong Donghai meter company and Belgium R&D center at the same time. Of which the water meter manufacturing enterprise-Ningbo Donghai Meter and Water Channel Co., Ltd. is the core enterprise of Donghai Group with mainly producing 25 series of water meters in more than 300 specifications and has the annual output ability of 5 million water meters in all kinds. The group which has 1280 employees with 162 engineering technology personnel is Zhejiang characteristic product base of new typed measurement instruments with the building area of more than 100,000 square meters.

The company which has a strong technological team has established and completed the scientific and technological innovation system. The research and development center of Donghai measurement meter engineering technology is pursuing the scientific thought of unlimited innovation, promotes the scientific and technological progress, constantly introduces and absorbs the abroad advanced technology to make efforts for searching and developing new products. Many company products have been listed in the national torch plan and national key new products plan and have won the high-tech enterprise at the national level.

The company implements the internal brand development strategy with building the Donghai DH brand in several decades and the managing phisophy of making the brand a leading position, and the scientific quality management system has made the solid base of the Donghai brand. The Donghai DH water meter has won the honorary titled of China famous trademark, product of Chinese famous brand and national inspection free product by it excellent quality and service.

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